Stop The Suffering You Get With Depression,Use Valdoxan Tablet

Feeling sad, gloomy or lonely is not something obscure, we all feel this way at some point or the other. Often times this is equated with depression, we go through a gloomy phase and we say that we are depressed. It is not so, depression is a various mental health condition in which sadness, low mood, or just that empty and lethargic feeling is one part and it lasts quite longer extending to weeks, months and sometimes even years. It’s not just that feeling blue thing that is one aspect of depression there are various other symptoms which degrade and interfere with daily life and relationships.

When the phase of depression lasts for two or more weeks a person probably has by then experienced most of the following cases: sense of severe sadness, feeling empty or low throughout the day, loss of interest in the day to day activities or in the activities that were once pleasurable, loss of sleep or excessive sleep. To diagnose depression your doctor may look out for specific symptoms such as a change in appetite and sleep, feeling of lethargy, worry and negativity in thinking which include thoughts of suicide.

Depression is complex and there is not one particular cause you can pin down on. In few of us the cause that triggers depression can be a stressful life event such as losing a job, remaining unemployed for a long time, issues pertaining to physical health, family problems, loss of a loved one, a break up etc. and in others of us there are no specific causes of depression. The theory that depression is caused by the imbalance of chemical is widely disregarded by many therapists and experts and it is now believed that development of depression may be related to a combination of a person’s biology, genes, thinking style, and life experiences.

buy valdoxan

Valdoxan is a medication for effective and potent management of Depression of various types as well as the different order of intensities. This drug is the foremost choice of people and many prominent physicians as the effect it shows are remarkable. It takes away the sad and distasteful feelings and improves the quality of life of a person with depression. This drug has Agomelatine as its active remedial agent.

Agomelatine is a Melatonergic agonist class of drug and it acts specifically on the MT1 and MT2 receptors. This drug also acts as an antagonist of 5-HT2C receptors which are also called serotonergic receptors. Agomelatine resynchronizes the circadian rhythm and leads to the decline of body temperature and initiates the melatonin onset. It increases the release of two neurotransmitters known as noradrenaline and dopamine which contribute to the calming effects.

Valdoxan is a tablet dosage formulation and is available in dosing strength of 25mg. One has to take this drug orally with water and it can be taken with or without food. For depression the dose is one 25mg tablet taken, once a day which can be increased to two tablets a day taken before sleeping.

Some side effects of this medication are

  • Abdominal cramp, diarrhea, nausea,
  • Vomiting, back pain, fatigue, constipation, trouble sleeping, migraine

Precautionary measures one should take:

  • Consumption of alcohol should be curbed while relying on this medication as that can slow down its effects or aggravate the side effects.

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