RU486 Pill Over The Counter For Your Unwanted Pregnancy

One night, an hour’s pleasure and she was there, standing at moral crossroads of abortion, at one side was her life, her dreams, her career and at the other point was a seed, an embryo, a fetus, you name it, that would one day become her own child. She did not want to be there, no one does but she had taken proper care to reach there and yet there she was.

She was confused, it was as if it wasn’t her child, it was the child of the mistake they had made. The guy she had been with was fairly new to her life and there was no point asking him to keep child. She somehow was able to sense his response and it she wasn’t wrong, with all the guilt and a certain plead in is voice he asked her to think about abortion. The thing was, she felt no remorse, she did all she could have done to protect her and when it still came, she couldn’t convince herself about having the child. She could feel the remorse in the guy’s voice; she tried but could not feel it for long. To her it seemed that she had been stuck in a bad situation which demanded a strong move from her in order to save her own life and she was ready for it.

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RU486 is a huge brand, a product women readily rely on to get their unintended pregnancy concluded. RU 486 is a medical pill which women prefer as it is a convenient option and does not require much hassle. The drug is minimally priced, easy to access and use, tool-free, lesser painful and a product with high success rate. It contains an FDA approved product known as Mifepristone. RU 486 should only be used for a pregnancy that is not older than 7 weeks of age.

Mifepristone is a drug that acts by blocking a major hormone required for sustenance and development of pregnancy, known as Progesterone. The inhibition of Progesterone leads to diminished or no supply of critically needed nutrients and oxygen which slowly leads to the death of fetal cells. It also facilitates cervix dilation and uterine softening, so as to promote the exclusion of fetal cells. Thus ends your pregnancy in a safer way.

RU 486 has three Mifepristone (200mg each) pills in their pack. Take these pills in one go, orally and along with water, preferably on an empty stomach. Visit a diagnostic center to get your abortion validated, after waiting for two days. In seldom cases, abortion is not complete, in that case, you are required to take two Misoprostol (200 mcg each) pills either orally or vaginally. After a wait of another two days, get the news of abortion verified.

Some of the side effects that may bother a few of the users are pelvic pain, vomiting, nausea, drowsiness, body ache, faintness, annoyance, fever, abdominal cramps, cramps and muscle pain.


  • This is not the right drug to end an ectopic pregnancy i.e. baby outside the womb or a pregnancy dated more than 7 weeks, the consequences can be worrisome.
  • Do not consume alcohol and refrain from sensual acts to get an infection free and speedy recovery.


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